Monday, August 2, 2010


Something about that background makes me crave a salad... Which isn't a surprise as this family has been eating salad like gangbusters this summer! Welcome to our Family Food blog. We're hoping to learn a few things by doing this. We're hoping to learn more about what we eat and how we shop. We're also "foodie" people so we wanna share what we've eaten and recipes we've tried or invented. We have "invented" a few things that we do to help us save money and Deaira finds new experiments to try on a regular basis. We've created a method of shopping and menu planning that has benefited us greatly for over a year! We're excited to share it with you and learn from our own experiences.

We plan to post our Menu each week and also our grocery receipt so we can track what we eat and buy and find trends. We try to keep a well stocked freezer and pantry so our weekly menu is built from things we already have on hand and also the staples we need weekly in addition to the occasional "re-stock". We try to eat real food as much as possible and avoid processed and packaged foods. That being said occasionally you will find the odd brownie mix and or "side dish" Deaira also has a shameful Pepsi addiction she's not ready to overcome.

Our Menu for the week of Aug 02-8, 2010
Monday: sloppy Joe's and chips
Tuesday: Italian Subs and salad
Wednesday: Pancakes and little smokies
Thursday:Chicken Tacos
Friday: BBQ Pork chops and baked beans
Saturday: Grilled Chicken breasts with Noodle Side and Salad
Sunday: Pizza Rolls (TV Night)
Dessert: Brownie Sundaes

We're still solidifying our exact plans for this blog so it may be a bumpy ride but we hope it will be a fun educational one. In the coming days and weeks we'll explain a little bit more about how we shop and plan what we eat! Come along for the ride.

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