Tuesday, August 10, 2010

His and Hers ( Our take on the Gold n Silver)

HIS: My experiences with the Gold and Silver Inn have always been really one sided. I had never stepped foot in the place till our Pastor asked us to meet him there for Pre-marital counseling. Dea and I never really made it there early, so we never ate anything. One time I was just so hungry I ordered a side salad with ranch and it was the saddest looking plate of nothing I have ever seen! It was lettuce 1 piece of cucumber and 3 cherry tomatoes. I picked off the tomatoes smothered it in black pepper and Ranch and ate it. It wasn’t bad, the lettuce was crisp! Anyhow over a year later Dea, Kyle and I are out near down town and we decided to stop in. I couldn’t help myself in a fit of home sickness I ordered the fish and chips against Kyle’s suggestion to try the pancakes. I will say this, my disappointment can barely be put into words at how awful that fish was. If this wasn’t a blog I couldn’t even try to describe it but that’s the whole point. They were like breaded in wet corn flakes and shaped like a machine processed fish stick! The fish taste wasn’t there at all and the sogginess was so unbearable I just drowned them (pun intended) in tartar sauce so I couldn’t notice I was eating a water logged corn flake log. I’m not much on returning to a place that I have such a terrible experience at. So perhaps in what can only be described as a self inflicted fit of memory lapse we found ourselves there again before Jeriah's first Dr. appointment. It was pretty early and I kept hearing about these pancakes so Dea ordered a short stack for us to share and I ordered a plain Jane sausage and cheese omelet. I will say this and please believe it to be 100% true, this was the best omelet I have had in Nevada! The eggs were perfect as if the chicken herself had gone into the kitchen, usurped the spatula and showed the cook how it was done. The cheese was portioned just right and the sausage had great flavor and zero greasiness. The hash browns which for me are usually an afterthought where golden delicious and flavorful like none I had ever had! Now for the clincher, the reason I now dream of returning to this place, the Pancakes! They are the best on earth! Light, fluffy, filling and the hint of vanilla almost as if an angel wearing vanilla lip gloss had just ever so lightly kissed them on there was out of the Kitchen. As much as I loved the omelet and I did, I was sad that I was so full and could only eat half the pancakes as I was sharing with Dea too! Now I’m not a native Nevadan so it’s hard for me to say, but I don’t think I would ever eat dinner here again and I would suggest you avoid it like the plague too! However breakfast time or any time for pancakes it’s alright in my book. I will defiantly be coming back for these and I would recommend you do the same.

HERS: I first heard of the Gold n Silver before I ever met Steve. My manicurist Keri told me they made the Cadillac of pancakes. I filed that away for future knowledge and never really thought about it again. We went to our pre-marital counseling there and I remembered I'd heard about the pancakes but like Steve said we never really ate there so I didn't really have opportunity to try them. We did go that time before Jeriah was born we were in the area because we'd heard they were gonna be featured on one of our favorite Food Network shows "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" hosted by Guy Fieri. We knew there had to be something we were missing out on if they were on that show. So we decided to see what the buzz was about. I had meatloaf and I thought it was pretty good actually standard casino coffee shop fare but it was tasty beefy with gravy and I think I had soup that day too that was also good. The revelation for both Steve and I came like he said when we took Jeriah to the pediatrician and stopped there for breakfast. I had gestational diabetes for the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy so I had a very limited diet. After Jeriah was born I wanted to EAT! I wanted to eat some of the things I'd been missing out on. Breakfast out to me means Eggs Benedict. Its is far and above my most favorite breakfast and at the Gold n Silver it did not disappoint in fact I think it was probably the best order of eggs Benedict I've ever had!! I can still remember that tangy hollandaise and the silky poached eggs. It came with some perfectly cooked red country potatoes. I've dreamed about going back for eggs Benedict ever since. We did decide that day to also order a short stack of the supposed "Cadillac of pancakes" This Momma craved eggs Benedict through her whole pregnancy but during the last 6 weeks without any kind of sweet treats this momma wanted syrup! Keri was SOOOO right! These pancakes are light and lacy! There's this delicate little crispness on the exterior that gives way to a pancake with a little chew to it the whole mouthful is scented with vanilla and sweet like real CAKE and when dripping with butter and warm maple syrup... WOW! I think of going every time Jeriah has a pediatrician appointment! Then I remember I get to be a stay at home Mommy and the $10 I'd spend on Eggs Benedict or pancakes is better saved for our grocery bill or that pediatrician appointment. I would go back to the Gold n Silver for dinner they have some things we learned about on Diner's Drive-ins and Dives that I'd LOVE to try but I'd be hard pressed not to order Eggs Benedict or pancakes again cuz both were sooo delicious! I am pretty close to figuring out how to make Cadillac pancakes at home tho... When I'm sure I've got it I'll post it to share with the world! :)

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