Sunday, May 22, 2011

What Gobles GOBBLED!

I do mean gobbled! These are sooo delish! I love sweet potato fries and have since I tasted them for the first time while living in Oregon! If they're on a menu I'll order them! I've come to love almost all things sweet potato so long as you keep the marshmallows away! I can't stand marshmallow on sweet potatoes. Sadly, I know thats the only way most people will eat them. ANYWAYS I kind of have this strict all fries and/or tater tot type items must be fried or there horrible so we don't eat fries at home alot. The other night tho I was feeling lazy didn't wanna drag out the fryer and use all that oil etc etc so I thought well I'll give em a shot in the oven just to see if they come out limp and lifeless they're still delicious yummy sweet potato right? :) Well the fabulous news is they're FABULOUS Baked just as good as when fried and BETTER cuz they're better for us that way :) They were crisp and just perfect! This is good news because summer is here which means we eat lighter fare sandwiches salads and stuff and these are a quick acceptable side dish that I don't feel guilty about! Hooray!

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